Where do I start?

Chal raha hoon mein in haseen wadiyon ki talash mein,
Chal raha hoon mein nadiyon se pyas bujhane,
Chal raha hoon mein in naye shabd aur naye logon se milne,
Chal raha hoon mein..

Seekh raha hoon in panchiyon se udna,
Raste ke modon se sekha hai sambhalna,
Itihas ke numayindon ne sikhaya garv se chalna,
Aur logon ne sikhaya dharti pe rehke chalna,
Chal raha hoon mein…

Na koi lakshya,
Na koi sapna,
chalte hue inhe bunte jaa raha hoon,
Chalte jaa raha hoon mein……..

Not one of the best things I’ve penned but something that buzzed in the head on my way to Pangong Tso in Ladakh! And since that trip was the inspiration behind this blog… Why not start with the poem from there.

Na meri koi hasti,, na mera katicha, maa main tera keeda hoya! – Rabi and papon

 It was the most memorable trip I had with my friends Surendra Sharma aka batata and Murtuza Suratwala aka Don aka Amitabh Bachchan. (The name of the blog is dedicated to us!) To this day I dream of the mountainous desert called Ladakh. Sheer exhilarating beauty, the highest and the most dangerous roads, worlds highest mountainous desert.. words are not enough to describe what the place is.. The only thing I can say today is ‘GO AND VISIT IT!’

Since I intend to write a travellogue and the exact details of  the trip have faded, this blog shall let our trip  to Ladakh remain a secret that lies only with me. And hoping from the next trip onwards, this blog shall be updated! Wish me luck.

Kadmon ki ginti samay mein ojhal ho gayi,
Aakhon dekhi jannat kaise bhulaoon?

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