Bungalow 9 – a hidden gem in the alleyway

An evening was planned with friends to watch a play in Bandra. I don’t know whether it was luck or not but the play got cancelled and we had a lot of time in our hands. After looking for various options in and around Bandra, I went through my Zomato bookmarks, this revealed, bungalow 9. I remembered a friend praising the place to no end. So we decided to head to the restaurant. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of the evening after the frustration of the botched up play.
As we entered the place, 2 things happened. The first reaction was that of shock! There was no waiting, the tables were empty and it was 8.00 pm on a Sunday! This made us suspicious. The other feeling was of the joy that an architect gets on seeing a wee designed place. Full marks to the place for ambiance. It is actually an old bungalow, I’m presuming it to be a Parsi person which was declared as a heritage structure and thus the basic structure cant be changed. So the structure with its wooden rafter detailing and Mangalore tiles have been preserved. Plus the open space around houses the better seating with a canopy covering the top and a waterfall in the background for the soothing sound.

One very good thing about the place is that, the waiters are in no hurry to take the order from you. You get your own space in the restaurant, with nobody hovering over your head for orders. I must admit that on some other day where time would have been of the essence, I would have probably called the same thing bad service, However, It was perfect for us that evening.

The vegetarian options are plenty to select from. That has generally not been a worry at least in Mumbai. The food was absolutely immaculate. There is a tendency in group to jump onto wood fired pizza’s as the first veto decision for ordering and sure the cook didn’t disappoint. The lasagna was the second choice, which was not disappointing. To couple all this with drinks and a relaxing time to spend, there were absolutely no complaints.
While sifting through the menu we had found the Jack Daniel’s ice cream, something that they sell as their specialty. It sure did taste of Jack Daniels, im not sure whether it actually had alcohol. If you are driving, please confirm the same.
Overall, was delighted with the evening spent because of the food and services offered.
The link attached has the other details of the restaurant like photos, other reviews, timings, address, etc

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