Milos – Architectural pause in the lap of nature

The chance to travel to Greece was gleefully accepted by us. There is no better time to travel to travel to the Greek Islands than on your Honeymoon. Here you can find the perfect combination of a trip where you can relax, have a bit of water sports, indulge your self in food and alcohol – and all of this within the beautiful setting that I are unique to Greece. Our itinerary first took us to Zakynthos. The island was the perfect gateway to Greece.  The beauty engulfed us in. Such was the beauty that we were doubting that there could be anything better than this.

Our doubts were quelled and the admiration for the islands increased on our stay there. Zakynthos is on the other side of the main land. My other three destinations Milos, Folegandros and Santorini form a part of the Cyclades island on the other side of the main land. Since, my passport is not completed tattooed yet, I decided it is worth spending that extra day in traveling from Zakynthos to Milos. The flight from Zakynthos to Athen leaves in the evening where as the flight to Milos leaves only in the morning. So spending a night in Athens becomes mandatory.

Our flight to Milos was a Bombardier operated by Olympic air. It was one of the charter jet sized aircraft and I sure did feel like Vinne Chase from Entourage entering this. The flight was full of turbulence, it was probably because of the size of the aircraft. The passengers made sure we applauded the pilot on a successful landing post this on the edge of the seat ride. Once we were on land, it was all pleasantly surprising as Milos unfolded itself for us.

The cab took us straight to Plaka. Plaka is the capital of Milos. It dropped out right outside Palaios Coffee and Pastry shop there. We did not have a clue that it was a bit of a walk inside to Archondoula Studios where we were staying. While we were waiting at the shop the lady offered us some cookies. The moment they went inside the mouth we knew they were something special. The orange flavor with the balanced sweetness was special. There were a lot of other ones that we tried through the three days there. We loved it so much that all morning breakfasts and even coffees were had in that exact spot. To add on we even got some home.
Greece, Milos, Plaka, white, alleyway, architecture, typology, burst, colour
Palaios Coffee and Pastry – Plaka, Milos

The next icing on the cake was the apartment. It was a cozy little place with beautiful views. I just couldn’t stop admiring the sunset from the place. The picture is a testament to what we saw while entering or leaving the room, while going to sleep or waking up.
Greece, Milos, Plaka, Archondoula, Studios, view, sunset, beautiful, orange, architecture,
Sunset view from our room – Archondula studio
We spent the first day was spent understanding the tectonic quality of Plaka. It was fascinating to go through the white alleyways along the contoured slopes. There is a constant burst of color with the flowers, plants and the doors and windows. As you read through you would see that the doors and windows are colored brightly while the rest of the house is white. Upon enquiring we found that it was the order of a ruler to color the houses white and as a mark of protest, the locals colored their doors and windows in bright colors.  Milos or rather the Cyclades islands are identified with this type of architecture and forms an important part of the imagery of these places. The story behind it is however is worthy of note. Another interesting feature of this architecture is the creation of plazas around public buildings. This serves as a gathering place and also exposes the vista. The sea automatically completes the frame in most such places.
Greece, Milos, Plaka, white, alleyway, architecture, typology, burst, colour
The architecture of Plaka – Alleyways and houses along it.
Greece, Milos, Plaka, white, alleyway, architecture, typology, burst, colour
A plaza around the Church – Plaka, Milos
From Plaka you could see three crosses placed on a hill top nearby. There was no road that led to that particular place. I had noticed these crosses on the way to Milos itself. There was an urge to explore and reach those crosses, with an assurance of getting panoramic views of the island from there. On finding the trekking path only to this, the curiosity further increased as to the significance of this place. We reached there to find a small shrine where a board said that this was a place used to execute crimals by hanging them on the cross. The place is obviously is not in use anymore and seems to be abandoned. The views from the top however were worth the trek.
Greece, Milos, Plaka, white, alleyway, architecture, typology, burst, colour, three cross
The three crosses and Plaka in the background
The next was kept aside for the cruise around the island. Having done a cruise in the bigger boats we wanted something small this time. A more personalized experience. We found that a lot of captains use their Catamarans for this purpose. There are only 12 people on board with breakfast and lunch served cooked by the captain himself! The breakfast wasn’t worth a mention but the cooking of the oyster in front of us using sea water and virtually no seasoning was a delight. The taste also lived up to the expectation, or rather was good enough for a full tummy. One of the time I break my vegetarian promise. The situation calls for that.
Vegetarians beware here – Please carry you food – We got oyster noodles with port wine
Greece, Milos, cruise, travel, catamaran, rocks, blue, water
The catamaran  – Our cruise for the Island!
I think I will be tired of the repeating about the beauty of the islands. But every single day we spent gave us ample number of photos that we could store for the years to come. The same was the case here, the added advantage was that the catamaran had a small boat, it took us into the blue cave formations. It is more thrilling from the outside to be honest. There is nothing inside that can be taken away apart from a few photographs. The highlight of this cruise is the Klima fishing village. As seen from the photographs, it is a small community  that has its access only from the sea and parking garages for boats beneath the houses. This is also the photo that Milos mainly markets itself on.
Greece, Milos, Klima, white, alleyway, architecture, typology, burst, colour, fishing, village
Klima fishing village
Greece, Milos, cruise, travel, catamaran, rocks, blue, water
A rock formation – A view from the cruise
Greece, Milos, cruise, travel, catamaran, rocks, blue, water
A view from the blue caves

On the final day we decided to just explore the island. On one of the coats is Pollonia. At the cafe we were suggested that it is a good place to spend some time walking around. We spent some time at the docks and restaurants nearby, then we ventured a little further in what seemed like a non functional industry. This run down place gave us some of the best pictures. A good place to spend some time along the water.

One of the pictures from Pollonia
A picture a dock – Pollonia
Vegetarian Perspective
Vegetarians please carry food along. Every single meal we tried in all sorts of different places was inedible. To the extent that fries (the only thing in that restaurant) were also soggy and not up to the mark. On the last day we bought bread and butter from the grocery with some biscuits and chips to get through. Plaka especially lacks credible vegetarian options. Vegetarian food was the most disappointing part in a place where I still remember the cookies and the coffee of a particular shop.Milos contributed its bit. The fair share of joys and sorrows, the coziness of the room with the view and the experience on the catamaram and things that make our baggage heavier. The food aside, Milos I believe is an important part of the itinerary of Greece.The next destination – Folegandros,  was the one I was really looking forward to. It was supposed to be a very non touristy sort of destination where two people in love could spend a couple of days in peace. It sure turned out that way. From star gazing to climbing the hill top just for a few clicks were the activities we indulged ourselves in. Another dimension was surely added to our travel.

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