Folegandros – Food, Freedom and Fiction

A holiday in the Greek Islands is a mixture of admiration of the astounding beauty, unlimited  relaxation, and an opportunity to live the high life. Simultaneously there is also a lot of options as an adventure traveler. Zakynthos and Milos  have formed a part of the memories etched forever because of the setting they provide for the honeymoon. There is beauty that makes you stop in your steps and makes the travel worthy of your moolah!

We moved on from Milos to Folegandros. While planning the trip the internet or the tools I use did not throw up any interesting things about Folegandros. The places to visit were also minimal with a few beached scattered around. What was most interesting was that the total population of the people on the island was only about 500. The images and photos on the internet plus the little information gave me an inkling that this is probably the most romantic of the islands, the thing I was looking for. Far away from being a developed commercial tourist destination and aspiring to be one. These places usually have comfortable basics like the stay, food etc and lesser crowd which is something I like. Folegandris sure did live up to all of it.

Greece, Folegandros, travel, beautiful, colourful, sea, mountainm twilight
Sunset view – Folegandros

Seajets took us from Milos to Folegandros, A very comfortable journey. The boats are clean and the crew is helpful. The service was on time. It is a recommended service from Milos  – Santorini. Folegandros is a stop on this route.

On arrival at Folegandros we were told that we have been upgraded to Chora Resort from its sister concern Aspalathras White Hotel. All goodies are accepted gleefully and free upgrades just make your the day. The hotel was beautifully built with one storied structures surrounding a very active poolside. I would recommend staying here because of the location,architecture and the comfort.

Folegandros, Greece, Chora, Resort, pool, architecture, good, relax
View from our room – Chora resort.

Once we settled ourselves, used the pool to its fullest, we moved out to explore the island. It is a small island and every single point is walk able. I don’t remember seeing cars on the island, except the small bus that ferried us from the dock to the hotel. The undulating landscape and the habitation along this is worth visiting and imagining daily life along such a terrain. The views of the vistas from the cracks or openings amid this fabric creates some very good photo clicking zones.

Greece, Folegandros, travel, beautiful, colourful, sea, mountain, twilight, interaction
Natural terrain – Folegandros
Greece, Folegandros, travel, beautiful, colourful, sea, mountain, twilight, interaction, habitat, village, white
Habitation along the slopes of the mountain – Folegandros

There is constant on the landscape of Folegandros, the Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary). It is perched atop a Hill as seen in the picture. The hill is the highest point on the island and takes some bit of trekking to reach. For the next day we planned to trek up to the location hoping to capture some panoramas of the place. The climb is easy. You have to jump the boundary to go further up , above the church. There was nobody around then, so it was not a problem. On the reaching the top the interaction of the sea with the cliff’s is the most engaging phenomenon.  Apart from that the landscape of Folegandros can be completed studied from here. There are clear views of the horizon which meets the sky seamlessly.

Greece, folegandros, chora, white, church, panagia, virgin, mary, panorama, view, horizon, highest
The church of Panagia – Folegandros
Greece, folegandros, chora, white, church, panagia, virgin, mary, panorama, view, horizon, highest
View from the top – Folegandros

We spent that night on the terrace of the hotel. A sparsely populated island that goes completely dark in the night provides an ideal spot for star gazing. Being cliched but that was the best time spent with the honey under the moon. The breeze was cold and the sky was the theatre unfolding and changing every second. A life in the city can never allow such sites with the light pollution. There is a certain warmth in watching the stars from the ground and wondering in what lays beyond the boundaries of human reach.

Greece, Folegandros, travel, beautiful, colourful, sea, mountainm twilight
Sunset from the terrace of the hotel

Vegetarian Perspective:
After the debacle in Milos with horrific vegetarian food, our thoughts were on the negative side when it came to expectation for the same. We knew that our bags had sufficient artillery to last for the rest of the trip. However, we were falsifies. While walking through the settlement in Chora, around the main square we chanced upon Restaurant Chic. looking at the large selection of vegetarian dishes, which were not just pasta and margarita pizza we stepped in. The architecture of the place is cozy and worthy of a village dining experience (see photo) and the food perfect.

We ordered a variety of dished over the two days we stayed here and there were 0 complaints. In fact, some of the dished reminded us of cooking at home. Later, when we read up on the restaurant we realized that their concept is self grown fresh fruits with spices and herbs. Truly, grateful to restaurant Chic for adding flavors to Folegandros. It was unexpected but the the part our stomach loved the most.

Greece, Folegandros, travel, restaurant, chic, vegetarian, village, old style
Restaurant Chic – Image courtesy :-

The two days in Folegandros will be remembered as the most romantic days of Greece. I had a thought while leaving the place. This could be the perfect Billionaire’s playground. There are ample options to build a world class facility for the uber rich. The lack of tourism gives enough opportunity for privacy and the small settlement and the restaurants etc provide the foundation for a real experience for them. To be honest I felt like one of those, so may be the thought.

Our photo at the Chora Resort

From here there was only one destination left. A destination that was supposed to offer history, geography, wine making, beach, water sports as a part of the package. Santorini, the most known and the most commercial of the islands of Greece. After having traveled to Zakynthos, Milos and Folegandros and putting them on a scale, we would rate the natural beauty of the other three as better, food of Folegandros as better. However, Akrotiri and the volcano, make the visit to Santorini worth.

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