The Annual Pilgrimage – Gastronomic Delight – Day 3

The drink days, the hung over mornings and the hippie beach kept us company on Day 1 and Day 2 of the. The next morning our tongues were craving. This time around we needed a culinary delight so lead us through the morning and build up for the rest of the day. During to brainstorming session, one of the guys pointed out Fisherman’s cove at Candolim and it was instantly agreed upon. It built a solid foundation to the day on which our caravan went to Vagathor and Baga to culminate another epic pilgrimage to Goa.

The route from Calangute to Candolim is rather inconsequential and it is only about a two kms drive. Fisherman’s Cove is on the main road at the entrance of the beach. We started ordering and as the dishes came on the table, satisfaction rose, delight creeped in and the fact that finally we found a place to keep coming back to. Baked beans, pasta and sandwiches lived to expectation and the Goan dishes were a revelation.Especially the prawns curry and rice was something I personally recommend in this place. We had a good brunch, the next activity we needed was a place to laze around.


Fisherman’s cove – Candolim – Pic Courtesy :-

Vagathor is a tried and tested spot when it comes to lazing around and a beautiful sunset. The ultimately famous, Thallasa is the place to watch the sunrise from. It is the most famous and the most overhyped place I feel albeit a beautiful one. The Greek lineage of the owners is dripping from every white wall and the simplistic nature of the decor and ambience. A subtle reminder of Milos – the cozy Greek island. It was full and since it was the long weekend and there was no reservation available, we choose to walk down the cliff and chose a shack to watch the sunset amongst the mortals.

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Thalassa – The Greek restaurant – Vagator – Pic courtesy –

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Sunset from Vagator Beach – Goa

Post the sunset, the plan was simple. Final night and opportunity to party. The problem when you are on a Bachleor’s is that only stags entrance costs a bomb and when the intention is to intake alcohol, a cheaper option is what we usually opt for. Once again, the heads turned to a classic, St. Anthony’s at Baga. Situated right next to Britto’s, the place was showing the weekend football game and also had a dance floor. Hukka / Sheesha was the icing on the cake. So we started the evening. Even though we had to go through the headache of the Karoake, the disappointment struck when it was announced that stags cannot use the dance floor. In the disappointed state, we finished the evening onl to be told that the cards machine was not working. Two of us has to travel for about a km, to find an ATM, wait in line, withdraw cash and come back to pay. A bit of salt added to a rather sweet day .

Vegetarian Perspective

We finally found a place that was worth going to again and again in Goa. Fisherman’s cove is now a place where I can proudly take vegatarians to and have them enjoy a good meal. Anthony’s also has a good share of vegetarian menu and we manage to clean the plates in minutes and reorder again and again. A satisfying day when it comes to vegetarian food.

This was the sixth year , I went to Goa for a weekend and still while leaving there is an urge to explore more, be there a little more. That is the urge that draws us back every year. This year again we successfully managed wade through the days with full fun and enjoyment. There is a promise to be back and experience Goa again but this time in a different light.

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