Author: Devesh Mittal

The package deal – INDIAN RAILWAYS travel – part 2

The spillage of the overflowing emotions and the thoughts of writing the post on Indian railways had fallen here in the as the part 2 of the series. In part 1 I spread out my views on how as children we loved the fact that bookings were done well in advance before the trip, the butterflies that I get before travel, the… Read more →

The package deal – INDIAN RAILWAYS travel – part 1

A casual discussion with a friend and a tweet from another prompted this post. Its been a long time since I actually travelled long distance by the Indian Railways. Flying now is more preferred as  time is saved and you could work for a day or two more and take fewer offs. The railways is by far, for the best… Read more →

The scot and whiskey capital – Edinburgh

For almost a year, I was based out of Newcastle upon Tyne, where I was studying at the Northumbria University. Edinburgh is only 3 hours away from there by train and there are ample numbers from Newcastle as it falls on the London – Edinburgh route. The short train ride transports you to a different world. A place which feels… Read more →

Bungalow 9 – a hidden gem in the alleyway

An evening was planned with friends to watch a play in Bandra. I don’t know whether it was luck or not but the play got cancelled and we had a lot of time in our hands. After looking for various options in and around Bandra, I went through my Zomato bookmarks, this revealed, bungalow 9. I remembered a friend praising… Read more →

Juley! Ladakh – The road from Manali

Juley!! a word that is the most heard word in Ladakh. Hi, Hello, How are you, Thankyou, Welcome and Bye all can be substituted as Juley! And the way you understand is based on the situation. And the way Ladakhis say it is lingers on you for long. The 3 men who went to Ladakh ( the inspiration of this… Read more →

Indian and Vegetarian Tourist.

As a tourist, being a vegetarian sometimes is the biggest hassle. To accompany that ‘Brown’ skinned people are usually looked upon in a certain way. Over the years, travelling with fellow Indians and vegetarians, I have realized that we have specific needs and requirements. Plus the tourism industry is growing, Indians are taking to travelling more seriously. Thus, Giving me… Read more →

Kerala – Overview

Kerala markets itself as God’s own country. Every person who has visited here has been charmed by the same. We also decided to visit Kerala as this time around time was of the essence. A trip here is very easy to plan with an ample number of references and itineraries available. What is interesting about Kerala is that it offers… Read more →

The essential Kerala stop – Kovalam.

My major research before a trip is usually done through Lonely Planet. And the version I have does not have any sights and activities on it! Still based on other research, went ahead and for sure turned out to be one of the essentials. The place is located about 200 kms from Alleppey, an inconsequential drive, unless you are interested… Read more →

Alleppey – the Kerala of pictures and forklore

Alleppey or Alappuzha as it is now called is a coastal town in Kerala with a rich system of backwaters and canals. With over 600 houseboats to choose from, this place is a must visit when on a tour in Kerala. Its situated about 190 kms away from Thekkady, taking about 5 hrs by road. As we are now moving… Read more →

Thekkady – a tad bit disappointing

Next stop on the itinerary – thekkady. A place that is the entrance to the periyar tiger reserve which has about 40-50 tigers. To support this there is a bustling market, cultural shows, elephant rides and some beautiful properties to stay in. Situated about 100 kms away from Munnar, the drive takes about 3 hours, waterfalls, rivulets, spice plantations all… Read more →