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Zakynthos – Perfect gateway to Greek Islands

There was dual excitement in the air. Honeymoon and Greece. The combination with itinerary I made, somehow gave the gut feeling that the following fortnight is going to be blissful, relaxing and a cornerstone in course of relationship with the wife. Mumbai – Istanbul – Athens just went by in a jiffy because of the expectation and speculation whether Greece… Read more →

The scot and whiskey capital – Edinburgh

For almost a year, I was based out of Newcastle upon Tyne, where I was studying at the Northumbria University. Edinburgh is only 3 hours away from there by train and there are ample numbers from Newcastle as it falls on the London – Edinburgh route. The short train ride transports you to a different world. A place which feels… Read more →

Juley! Ladakh – The road from Manali

Juley!! a word that is the most heard word in Ladakh. Hi, Hello, How are you, Thankyou, Welcome and Bye all can be substituted as Juley! And the way you understand is based on the situation. And the way Ladakhis say it is lingers on you for long. The 3 men who went to Ladakh ( the inspiration of this… Read more →