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Roadblocks in the way of long term travel

Over the last few months I have been reading up on long term travelers. The idea grips me, but that buck pretty much stops at that. I read and follow people who have traveled 40 countries on the trot or 100 countries in their twenties. I want to do that, I definetely want my passport tattoed with immigration stamps. The… Read more →

Indian and Vegetarian Tourist.

As a tourist, being a vegetarian sometimes is the biggest hassle. To accompany that ‘Brown’ skinned people are usually looked upon in a certain way. Over the years, travelling with fellow Indians and vegetarians, I have realized that we have specific needs and requirements. Plus the tourism industry is growing, Indians are taking to travelling more seriously. Thus, Giving me… Read more →

Where do I start?

Chal raha hoon mein in haseen wadiyon ki talash mein, Chal raha hoon mein nadiyon se pyas bujhane, Chal raha hoon mein in naye shabd aur naye logon se milne, Chal raha hoon mein.. Seekh raha hoon in panchiyon se udna, Raste ke modon se sekha hai sambhalna, Itihas ke numayindon ne sikhaya garv se chalna, Aur logon ne sikhaya… Read more →