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Santorini – Illusioned and Disillusioned

Traveling to Santorini is on the wishlist of most people who have even seen a photograph of the island somewhere, let alone avid travelers. The place calls for such attachment because of the architecture, colors and the beauty it offers. It is also the most well connected and the most commercial of the Greek Islands. Tourism of Greece banks itself… Read more →

Kerala – Overview

Kerala markets itself as God’s own country. Every person who has visited here has been charmed by the same. We also decided to visit Kerala as this time around time was of the essence. A trip here is very easy to plan with an ample number of references and itineraries available. What is interesting about Kerala is that it offers… Read more →

The essential Kerala stop – Kovalam.

My major research before a trip is usually done through Lonely Planet. And the version I have does not have any sights and activities on it! Still based on other research, went ahead and for sure turned out to be one of the essentials. The place is located about 200 kms from Alleppey, an inconsequential drive, unless you are interested… Read more →