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When the drought unearths treasures

Surprises are a plenty when it comes to nature. In one such instance the drought in Maharashtra revealed temples submerged under water. the blog post is about the expedition to visit the site Read more →

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The performance – Marine drive & NCPA – Mumbai

Lazy weekends call for travel downtown to the most iconic location of Mumbai for some leisure activity. One of the classiest and the most iconic auditorium of Mumbai is located on Marine Drive – The National Center for Performing Arts / NCPA. It is the last building and probably the most architecturally sound building I have visited in the city.… Read more →

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When a traditional sport gets glorified – Kabaddi to the masses

About a year or two back, the success of the Indian Premier League gave the other sports associations to start similar leagues for their respective sports. Most would confuse the premier league for a football league similar to the English Premier league but here in India, it us for Cricket and as a lot might have heard, it is religion… Read more →

Bungalow 9 – a hidden gem in the alleyway

An evening was planned with friends to watch a play in Bandra. I don’t know whether it was luck or not but the play got cancelled and we had a lot of time in our hands. After looking for various options in and around Bandra, I went through my Zomato bookmarks, this revealed, bungalow 9. I remembered a friend praising… Read more →